Scheduled Events

February TASK: Compendium of Creative Campaigns / Securing outbound browsing traffic in the era of mobile workspace and SaaS applications

Wednesday 28-February-2018 // 6:00 – 9:00 PM Meeting Location: 88 Queens Quay West, Toronto Room: 29th Floor February TASK This month we welcome Julian Pileggi as he shares insights into the more creative campaigns and techniques used in recent attackers, and Evgeniy Kharam discussing browsing security in the era of the mobile workspace. Don’t forget […]

January TASK: Dark Caracal / Command and Conquer: Red Alert – C2 tradecraft and design

Wednesday 31-January-2018 // 6:00 – 9:00 PM Meeting Location: 88 Queens Quay West, Toronto Room: 29th Floor January TASK This month we welcome Apurva Kumar and Jeremy Richards as they discuss the Dark Caracal espionage investigation, announced on January 18 at Lee Kagan will also join us with a tech talk on C2 tradecraft […]

No November TASK

Don’t miss SecTor and BsidesTO! Four days of InfoSec awesomeness spanning November 12 to 15, find out more at & The next TASK will be January 31, 2018 from 6pm. Location will be made available closer to the time. TASK Steering Committee

October TASK: Life After Breach: Ashley Madison in 2017 / Beyond OWASP Top 10

Wednesday 25-October-2017 // 6:00 – 9:00 PM Meeting Location: 55 John Street, Toronto Room: #308/309 (up the escalators) October TASK This month Matthew Maglieri talks life after the Ashley Madison breach and Aaron Hnatiw discussing common web application vulnerabilities that fall outside the OWASP Top 10 but are just as dangerous. As always, TASK is […]

Meeting Location

TASK meets the last Wednesday of Every Month 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm (with a few exceptions). Our next meeting is located on the 29th floor, 88 Queens Quay West, Toronto, Ontario M5J 0B8. Space graciously provided by Cisco.

General Information

Toronto's Security User Group TASK - Toronto Area Security Klatch, provides a forum for experts to encourage discussion and share expertise in understanding the latest trends and security threats facing computer networks, systems and data.

Our membership includes Information Security practitioners, managers, network administrators, students, and anyone who is interesting in learning more about securing information.

TASK meets the last Wednesday of each month, and membership is free.

About Us

The Toronto Area Security Klatch is an informal get-together of Information Security professionals (and those who want to be professional) that is held monthly in the Greater Toronto area.

We meet to discuss issues that we all share in common, including:

  • New technologies and products that impact information security
  • Emerging threats, and the vulnerabilities being exploited
  • Managing security
  • New laws and regulations

Our mandate is simple: to encourage discussion and share expertise in understanding the latest trends and security threats facing computer networks, systems and data.

We support this mandate by providing a non-biased forum to discuss issues. We do not focus on any particular technology or vendor.

Membership in TASK is free, and we encourage full and active participation. If you have a suggestion on how to improve a meeting or the website, we invite you to share it. In addition, we are always looking for individuals willing to take an active role on the Steering Committee.

Meeting Format

TASK meets the last Wednesday of every month in a central downtown location; check the main page for updates or changes.

Our meetings are three hours long, and follow the general format of:

  • 6:00 - 6:15 Announcements, acknowledgement of our sponsors and general house keeping
  • 6:15 - 7:00 First speaker
  • 7:00 - 7:15 Q&A
  • 7:15 - 7:45 Break
  • 7:45 - 8:30 Second speaker
  • 8:30 - 8:45 Q&A
  • 8:45 - 9:00 Networking and closing remarks

During meetings we ask everyone to turn off the audible alarms on their cell phones, Blackberries, PDAs, and other cool gizmos.

In addition, TASK has adopted a Code of Conduct to help ensure that meetings go smoothly, and that everyone can benefit from the information that is available.

Our Values

Shared Expertise

TASK encourages discussion and facilitates the exchange of knowledge and skills among a wide variety of information security experts


TASK supports the people who are directly facing information security problems on a daily basis, and are looking to resolve their problems in the most effective manner possible


TASK is looking for solutions to common security issues; we do not hold or support a bias for or against any security vendor

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