The Toronto Area Security Klatch is presently managed by a Steering Committee that was formed in October 2004.

All members of the steering committee have volunteered their time and may join or resign at any time.

The responsibilities of the committee are:

  • To inaugurate and drive the Toronto Area Security Klatch until such time as an elected Executive Committee can be elected
  • To work with the membership to develop appropriate by-laws governing the activities of TASK
  • To make arrangements for all group meetings, including meeting location, speakers, room reservations, equipment, refreshments, door prizes, and handouts
  • To regularly communicate with members via meeting notices and e-mails using the group's e-mail address

The Steering Committee is made up of:

Robert Beggs, CISSP CISA

President, DigitalDefence

Robert Beggs has been involved in Information Security for more than 10 years. Following completion of the Queen's MBA for Science and Technology, he worked as a Systems Engineer at Nortel Network. This was followed by work with Netigy, and then with a Canadian Fortune 500 corporation where he developed and implemented security policies and acted as an internal consultant on matters such as mergers and acquisitions, physical security, and management of security projects.

Brian Bourne,  CISSP

Co-Founder, SecTor.

Brian has a passion for security and has been an active member of the IT security community for over 25 years. Being part of the IT community has always been important to Brian and his entrepreneurial spirit and industry experiences are what helped establish TASK and SecTor.

Brian was the founder of CMS Consulting Inc. and Infrastructure Guardian Inc. which became part of New Signature. The two organizations (professional services and managed services respectively) provided deep Microsoft expertise working with mid to large enterprise customers. After handing over the reins, he left New Signature.

Brian is currently spending his time angel investing and working with a variety of organizations from start-ups to large enterprise seeking to leverage his diverse experience working with enterprise technology.

When he’s not working in the tech space, you’ll find him wrenching and driving a variety of 2 wheeled and 4 wheeled machines.

Ways to connect with Brian:
Twitter: @BrianBourne

Lee Brotherston

Senior Security Advisor at Leviathan Security

Lee is a Senior Security Advisor at Leviathan Security with over 10 years experience in Information Security.  He has worked as an Internal Security resource across many verticals including Finance, Telecommunications, Hospitality, Entertainment and Government; in roles ranging from Engineer to IT Security Manager.  He is a InfoSec generalist who spends most of his time on the defensive side of things.  Particular areas of interest are Policy & Process development, DFIR, Corporate Investigations, Unix and Networks.

When not working or getting distracted by his side projects Lee can be found wasting time on twitter (@synackpse).

Bruce Cowper

Co-Founder, SecTor.

A self-proclaimed IT security and privacy geek, Bruce is the co-founder of TASK and SecTor. He is also a founding member of the Ottawa Area Security Klatch (OASK), and an active member of numerous other organizations across North America including the Seattle Cloud Security Alliance chapter.

Bruce co-founded TASK and SecTor because of his passion to bring IT, security and privacy awareness and knowledge sharing to the community. When he isn’t organizing events with Brian, you’ll usually find him at Microsoft’s Redmond, WA headquarters. A former Executive Evangelist and Senior Security Strategist, Bruce is currently a Senior Trusted Cloud Advisor. He has been an active member of the Microsoft community in both Canada and the United States since 2004.

Aside from his passion for IT, Bruce is an avid traveller and award-winning craft-brewer.


David Senf

David Senf is an IT research and advisory thought leader and executive with a particular focus on cybersecurity. He has spent years analyzing and delivering vendor, provider, channel and end-user success. He examines security within the larger context of technology adoption from containers to cloud and from DevOps to devices. He founded Cyverity to deliver cybersecurity risk awareness, solutions selection, and operations benchmarks and best practices.

Previously he was a VP at IDC where he worked with and presented to countless organizations - and much of the IT vendor community. He enjoys hundreds of press appearances in a variety of publications, including The Globe and Mail, CBC, The Star, Wall Street Journal, and Wired.