If you're unable to attend an event but are interested in what TASK covered, as well as any resources that we introduced, provided or discussed, this is a great page to visit. Presentations (or partial presentations) are linked below where possible. Some TASK meetings are heavily demo focused, or information that can not be distributed is presented. For maximum value, be sure to join us every month! Thanks to all who attend our monthly meetings and make them such success!

Privileged ID Management – January 28, 2009

Topic: Privileged ID management – are you really in control? Speakers: Vivek Khindria and Mike Bronson, CIBC Many organizations have embarked on strategies, technologies and processes to support the effective lifecycle management of user IDs, but what about the accounts that are used to manage the supporting infrastructure? These IDs frequently have the authority to […]

Computer Crime & Security Automation – October 29, 2008

Topic: Computer Fraud – Computer Crime Speaker: Jerrard B. Gaertner, Director of Technology Assurance Services at Soberman LLP The Criminal Code of Canada deals with some computer offences directly (theft of telecommunications) and with others indirectly (fraud, theft, electronic distribution of child pornography). However, many people believe the Code is out of date or ineffective […]

Virtualization Security – September 24, 2008

Topic: Virtualization Security Speaker: Robert Beggs Virtualization, which allows users to run multiple operating systems on a single physical box, can reduce costs and improve network manageability. From a security perspective, this simplified management can enhance system security, and virtualized systems are supporting security in roles such as secure software development, malware analysis, and disaster […]

BlackHat and Defcon Review – August 27, 2008

Topic: BlackHat and Defcon Review Speakers: Various Event Attendees In this presentation, we’ll cover the highlights of each conference. The new exploits and tool releases, new research and make sure you know what you missed out on! This is the MUST ATTEND TASK event of the year. If there is any specific topic you’d like […]

15min SpeedTalks – July 30, 2008

Topic: SpeedTalks! Presentations linked where available. Technical-focused content: New insecurities in Ipv6 (Tyler Reguly) Adventures in Remote Access (Chuck) Digital Watermarking (Paul Shields) The Canadian Honeynet Projet (Sami Kamel) Office Operations Model (Karsten Johansson) Kaminsky’s Revelation (Paul Wouters) Review of “Last Hope” (Leigh Honeywell) Management-focused content: Fixing the DNS Bug in Large Enterprise (Gord Taylor) […]

ShmooCon Review and Web Access Management – May 28, 2008

Topic: Web Access Management Speakers: Stefan Lesaru + Madhu Mahadevan Madhu Mahadevan and Stefan Lesaru from CA Canada Company will present a comprehensive session on Web Access Management (WAM). This session will highlight the different aspects of WAM and provide a background of how these types of solutions can be utilized in different scenarios. In […]

How to implement a Security & Privacy incident management program & BlackHat Europe Review- April 30

Topic: How to implement a Security & Privacy incident management program Speakers: Bobby Singh, SSHA The purpose of the presentation is to provide an overview on how to build a comprehensive and integrated security and privacy incident management program. Privacy incidents such as accidental disclosure of patient health information are becoming more and more common, […]