If you're unable to attend an event but are interested in what TASK covered, as well as any resources that we introduced, provided or discussed, this is a great page to visit. Presentations (or partial presentations) are linked below where possible. Some TASK meetings are heavily demo focused, or information that can not be distributed is presented. For maximum value, be sure to join us every month! Thanks to all who attend our monthly meetings and make them such success!

Payment Card Fraud – May 26, 2010

Payment Card Fraud (Sponsored by Giesecke & Devrient; www.gi-de.com ) Topic 1: EMV in Canada The rollout of chip-enabled credit cards in Canada is nearing completion. This coordinated set of presentations will focus on the technology – how it works, which governing bodies and standards are involved, and what types of fraud risk are mitigated via […]

April TASK meeting & SecTor 2010 – April 28, 2010

LOCATION Wednesday, 28 April 2010 – 6:00 to 9:00 Health Sciences Building, 155 College Street Toronto, M5T 3M7 – 6th Floor Presentation 0.5 – Conference Overview Robert Beggs, DigitalDefence The Canadian Technical Security Conference (Cornwall) will be reviewed. This annual conference focused on technical security – “bugs”, and “bug sweeping”. Presentation 1 – Covert Use of Data Resources Robert […]

Vulnerability Madness! – March 31, 2010

March Meeting – Vulnerability Madness! Speakers: Roy Firestein, DigitalDefence “Security Vulnerabilities in Cable Modems” Roy has conducted research to identify vulnerabilities in the default installation of commercial cable modems (typical of the type installed in the Toronto area).  He will outline his research, and let you know how you can prevent attacks against your home […]

Forensics Evening – February 22, 2010

Topic:”Building an Information Security Startup in Canada” – Richard Reiner, Enomaly Richard, former Chief Security and Technology Officer at Telus Canada, is one of Canada’s most seasoned entrepeneurs specializing in Information Security.  A member of multiple advisory and venture capital groups, he has gained a unique perspective on the trials, tribulations, and successes of security […]

Direct Access – November 25, 2009

Topic: Lifting the Lid: DirectAccess in Windows 7 Speaker: Pat Telford A new remote access strategy is taking form with the release of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. DirectAccess uses IPv6, IPsec, and some DNS frigonometry to allow clients roaming the internet to get secure access to internal resources without a VPN. It […]

SecTor Talks – October 28, 2009

Hacking the Privacy Legislation – Tracy Ann Kosa In today’s environment of particularly scarce resources, privacy can be easily buried under its sexier older sister – security. But the need to balance the two is an ongoing concern when it comes to any system that collects, uses and discloses personal information. This session will focus […]

15min SpeedTalks – September 30, 2009

Topic: SpeedTalks. Ms. Mary-Lynn Manton and several students will be presenting a brief overview of the information security program at Seneca College, and some of the research that they have been conducting. Mr. Eldon Sprickerhoff, will be presenting: The Rumours of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated – Redeeming NIDS in the Corporate Environment Mr. […]

BlackHat and Defcon Review – August 26, 2009

Topic: BlackHat and Defcon Review Speaker: Various Attendees In this presentation, we’ll cover the highlights of each conference. The new exploits and tool releases, new research and make sure you know what you missed out on! This is the MUST ATTEND TASK event of the year. If there is any specific topic you’d like covered, […]

Security-in-Agile – June 24, 2009

Topic: Security-in-Agile Speaker: Tatiana Outkina, PhD, CISSP, CSSLP, TOGAF Agile development methodology affects the framework of SecSDLC. While the concept of SecSDLC remains the same, the approach and the solutions must provide the ability to develop secure systems within the agile development framework. A certain number of contradictions must be resolved to ensure the appropriate […]

Corporate Espionage & Windows 7 Security – May 27, 2009

Topic: Understanding & Preventing Insider Threat/Corporate Espionage. Speaker: Kai Axford Many analysts have stated that the Number One issue facing corporate customers today is the threat of targeted corporate espionage coming from within the organization. Join Kai Axford, a security strategist from the Microsoft Trustworthy Computing team for an entertaining and engaging session, as he […]