If you're unable to attend an event but are interested in what TASK covered, as well as any resources that we introduced, provided or discussed, this is a great page to visit. Presentations (or partial presentations) are linked below where possible. Some TASK meetings are heavily demo focused, or information that can not be distributed is presented. For maximum value, be sure to join us every month! Thanks to all who attend our monthly meetings and make them such success!

April TASK: Understanding the Hostile Cyber Environment

Wednesday, 25 April 2012 6:00PM – 9:00PM Leslie Dan Pharmacy Building, University of Toronto 144 College Street – Room PB B150 Tonight’s Theme: Understanding the Hostile Cyber Environment Talk 1: The Verizon Data Breach Incident Report Paul Wilson, Verizon The Verizon Data Breach Incident Report (DBIR) is widely recognized in the Security Industry, but some […]

TASK Event Wednesday, 29 February 2012

NOTE: New location Wallberg Building – University of Toronto 184-200 College Street – Room # WB 116 Talk 1: How to Succeed in the Business of Detecting Data Exfiltration Dr. G.S. Graham (University of Toronto) will entertain and dazzle us on how, ‘Stealing IP and PI and other initials by copying is a growth industry”. […]

January TASK – A Night of Forensics (and FTK 4!)

NOTE:  The upcoming event is sponsored by AccessData – attendees have a chance of winning the newly released copy of FTK v4! January TASK Meeting:  Forensics and Data Recovery 25 January 2012; 6:00 – 9:00 PM Leslie Dan Pharmacy Building, 144 College Street, Room B150 First TASK event of the year is this week!  We […]

Task November – Binary Risk Analysis

  Binary Risk Analysis: Presented by Ben Sapiro Security risk analysis techniques are either too complex to be understood by the business or too simple to provide repeatable and meaningful results. Without a proper understanding of the risk associated with security events, businesses are likely to misunderstand the risk that security professionals are working to […]

October TASK meeting Cancelled

The October 26th meeting for TASK has been cancelled. We encourage all members to check out SecTor , be sure to check out the expo if you cannot attend the full show. ( Free admission with code TASK-Expo2011 ) We’ll see you in November with full coverage and feedback. Source: task

TASK – September

Security and Non-Profits: Understanding the Challenges and the Opportunities From many years of working for and with various non-profits, Vicki will provide some insight into the security challenges and opportunities of working with non-profits. Similar to the for-profit sector, they range in size and complexity. In order to be successful in working with non-profits, it […]

Blackhat / DefCon / BSides Wrap Up

At the end of July, a whole bunch of TASKers headed down to Vegas for the largest convention of real security people in the world – what will they discover? What are the newest security threats? What are you now watching for on your network? And does what happens in Vegas REALLY stay in Vegas? […]

Business Communications for IT Security Pros

Soft Skills Part Deux – Business Communications for IT Security Pros Business Communication for IT Security Pros IT pros are measured by their technical prowess AND by their ability to communicate with others. You must have the technical knowledge to do your job BUT you must be able to express yourself both confidently and effectively. […]

Security FAIL – and What Can be Done About It

The world is full of bad security ideas and implementations; information security more so! During this innovative presentation, security practitioners from the GTA will be presenting some of the worst security practices that they have seen.  These from-the-field war stories will help to illustrate why so many high-profile hacks have been occurring, and what can […]

Breaking In – News Ways to Exploit the ‘Net

May TASK Meeting:  Breaking In – News Ways to Exploit the ‘Net 25 May 2011; 6:00 – 9:00 PM Health Science Centre, 155 College Street, Room 610 Talk 1: Practical Spearphishing, from Targeting to Exfiltration While most of us understand that users are often our weakest line of defense, most security teams and CSO’s don’t […]