ShmooCon Review and Web Access Management – May 28, 2008

Topic: Web Access Management Speakers: Stefan Lesaru + Madhu Mahadevan Madhu Mahadevan and Stefan Lesaru from CA Canada Company will present a comprehensive session on Web Access Management (WAM). This session will highlight the different aspects of WAM and provide a background of how these types of solutions can be utilized in different scenarios. In […]

How to implement a Security & Privacy incident management program & BlackHat Europe Review- April 30

Topic: How to implement a Security & Privacy incident management program Speakers: Bobby Singh, SSHA The purpose of the presentation is to provide an overview on how to build a comprehensive and integrated security and privacy incident management program. Privacy incidents such as accidental disclosure of patient health information are becoming more and more common, […]

Forensic Investigations – January 30, 2008

Speakers: Larry Gagnon, Sandy McMurrich and Dave Burton Each of our speakers has extensive law enforcement experience in Ontario. They have all worked for a number of years in the computer forensics field and each has performed hundreds of examinations on devices for major cases including homicides, major frauds, organized crime rings etc. Larry now […]

Myths, Mistakes & Outright Lifes / PCI 101 – November 28, 2007

Topic: Myths, Mistakes and Outright Lies Speaker: Kellman Meghu A lighthearted look at common pitfalls to building out a network security architecture, this presentation does not intend to be all encompassing, but to encourage people to reconsider and re-evaluate the responsibilities of network security. Open discussion on techniques, tricks and tips is encouraged. Using a […]

Securing the Network from Inside and Out – Thursday, October 25, 2007

Technical Level: Intermediate Technical Speaker: Andy Gallacher, Senior Technology Consultant, HP ProCurve As IT networks evolve and expand, defending against multiplying and varied attacks is becoming increasingly complex. Who is on the network? What are they doing? Where are they doing it from? These are all critical issues that need to be addressed and controlled. […]

Proactive Security and The Insider Threat – September 26, 2007

Topic: Proactive Security, Lessons from Star Trek Speaker: Brian O’Higgins, CTO, Third Brigade Proactive security, self-defending networks, self-healing computers…they sound more than a little like science fiction. However, we are getting closer to that dream. This talk will discuss the role that host intrusion prevention technology (HIPS) is playing in proactive security today, and where […]

Blackhat 2007 and Defcon 15 Review! – August 29, 2007

Speakers: Various Conference Attendees In this presentation, we’ll cover the highlights of each conference. The new exploits and tool releases, new research and make sure you know what you missed out on! This is the MUST ATTEND TASK event of the year. If there is any specific topic you’d like covered, be sure to contact […]

Understanding Heuristics for Virus Detection / An Objective Look at Vista Security – July 25, 2007

Topic: The Catahoula Leopard Dog – A Study in Heuristics for Virus Detection Technical Level: Non-Technical Speaker: Randy Abrams, Director of Technical Education at ESET This presentation explains what heuristics are in manner that is easily understood by non-technical users while providing information that is often new to experienced professionals as well. Users who already […]