August TASK / How to Approach a Critical Security Blind Spot

Wednesday 31-August-2022 // 6:00 – 7:30 PM
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August TASK (Virtual)

Speaker: Raphael Arakelian
Topic: How to Approach a Critical Security Blind Spot: IoT / OT

Learn hands-on (virtually, but highly interactive live demos) how IoT / OT security works. Canada is getting serious about protecting critical infrastructure – a lot of which is comprised of devices that we aren’t as comfortable with as we should be coming from the IT world. In this month’s session, Raphael Arakelian from PwC will provide unique and highly-informative virtual tours / demos of their OT & IoT Security Lab simulations. The facility is comprised of several live simulations of industrial systems with integrated security tools. Lean about the industrial processes, OT / IoT devices, as well as several pre-configured cybersecurity attacks. The list below provides a high-level description of the simulations:

  • Mining: Coal feeding system, transporting coal across two conveyor belts
  • Oil & Gas: Transportation and storage of oil in a midstream refinery with multiple tanks
  • Rail Transport: Operation and monitoring of a train, transiting our downtown Toronto
  • Utilities: Electrical grid model, simulating power generation, transmission, distribution, and consumption
  • Warehousing: Inspection and scanning of boxes as well as a sorting facility
  • Manufacturing: Robotic arm, sorting and inspection

Raphael will also be sharing some of the challenges and lessons learned in setting up the IT and OT infrastructures of a lab environment.

Raphael Arakelian is a Manager in the ‘OT & IoT Security Team’ at PwC Canada. He is the national lead of PwC Canada’s ‘OT Monitoring Implementation Services’. He also manages PwC’s flagship ‘OT & IoT Security Lab’, located in Vaughan, Ontario. Raphael holds his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in chemical engineering form the University of Toronto. He is passionate about the intersection between engineering and cybersecurity.

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