May TASK | Toolkits for Better Security, Without Technology

Wednesday 25-May-2022 // 6:00 – 7:30 PM
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May TASK (Virtual)

Speakers: Fernando Montenegro & Peter Maddison
Topic: Toolkits for Better Security, Without Technology

Security is a frustrating field of constant change where it’s difficult to wrap our arms around security operations let alone all the other aspects of this vast profession. In this session, you’ll learn about key frameworks to help contextualize security challenges and solve problems more effectively. We won’t cover the usual CIS, NIST, ISO and other security frameworks. Instead the focus will be on showing you how to apply frameworks from outside of security to our field.

This talk will introduce different mental models and frameworks that can be useful to a security practitioner in multiple scenarios. This is where thinking about models such as Four Eyes, Cynefin Framework and Wardley Mapping can assist. In this session we’ll begin to address:

  • How we can frame the larger picture so that we can map out a security strategy (or a career strategy)
  • How to diagnose what kinds of problems we’re dealing with and the scope of them
  • How to more consistently deliver the outcomes we’re trying to achieve – and understand why things aren’t working / how to approach fixing them

Let’s arm ourselves with the ability to understand problems in order to solve them faster. We’ll present several frameworks during this month’s TASK with the offer that if you would like a deeper dive, we can setup knowledge sharing sessions outside of this TASK meeting.

Fernando Montenegro is a security technologist, currently an industry analyst at Omdia, the industry research arm of Informa Tech. He focuses on analyzing market trends and providing strategic advice on topics related to modern security markets: cloud security, endpoint security and others. His previous experience includes pre- and post-sales technical roles and consulting roles with vendors in enterprise security. He has worked with organizations in Canada, Latin America, and the US. His areas of interest include security economics – particularly behaviour economics – data science, including machine learning, and cybercrime. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and industry certifications. He is based in the Greater Toronto Area.

Peter Maddison has been in the business of building high-performance teams and automating everything worth automating for the past couple of decades. A technologist, he has worked in a variety of disciplines, from operations to architecture to program management. With a career emphasis within financial services he has helped multiple large banks design and implement DevOps strategies with specific attention to the cultural challenges that can arise. Engagements include introducing models to align risk and control practices with the pipeline to production and identifying meaningful and appropriate measures. Peter works closely with compliance, audit, security, and architecture teams to build alignment and design processes to reinforce change.

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