March TASK: Let’s get physical: Breaking in like a pro to take security beyond cyber

Wednesday 30-March-2022 // 6:00 – 7:30 PM
Meeting Location: Virtual – Register

March TASK (Virtual)

Speakers: Karen Ng & Bill Graydon
Topic: Let’s get physical: Breaking in like a pro to take security beyond cyber

Physical security is a critical set of skills cybersecurity pros need to learn. Let’s discover how to break into physical offices, industrial sites and so on in order to identify vulnerabilities. This talk will show tools and techniques to defend in the real world. Particularly as offices across Canada open back up, we need to spot and remediate physical security gaps. What you’ll learn during this talk:

  • Threat modelling in the physical world, and cyber mindsets you need to ditch to do it properly
  • The spectrum of physical vulnerability assessment techniques, culminating in a full red teaming
  • How-to for a “DIY” physical vulnerability assessment / pen test
  • The full process a professional pen test involves, from scoping and intelligence gathering through to execution and follow up
  • Trends in the industry and how COVID has impacted physical security.

Karen Ng
Karen is an analyst at GGR Security, and is one of GGR’s entry team for physical penetration tests. She has a strong interest in physical security, delivering trainings on physical security vulnerabilities to a wide range of audiences. Karen comes from a background in engineering and has extensive experience in major event logistics. She is one of the Village Leads at the Physical Security Village, and works with the rest of the PSV team to teach how to recognize and fix security exploits to the community.

Bill Graydon
Bill is a principal at GGR Security, where he is involved in the full spectrum of client risk analysis, testing and remediation. He’s passionate about advancing the security field through research, teaching numerous courses, giving talks, and running the Physical Security Village at various cons. He’s received various degrees in computer engineering, security, and forensics and comes from a broad background of experience in physical and cyber security, anti-money laundering, and infectious disease detection.

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