May TASK: Quantum Computers Versus Traditional Security: When and How to Prepare

Wednesday 26-May-2021 // 6:00 – 7:00 PM
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May TASK (Virtual)

Speakers: Michele Mosca, Bruno Couillard, Alexander Truskovsky
Topic: Quantum Computers Versus Traditional Security: When and How to Prepare

Recent advances in quantum computing point to an exciting future, but significant security risk as well. The inevitable day when everything will change is closer. The brightest minds in quantum computing, post-quantum cryptography and preparing for the inevitable, happen to live and work in Canada. Michele Mosca (evolutionQ), Bruno Couillard (Crypto4a) and Alexander Truskovsky (ISARA) form an all-star panel to answer critical questions on the following topics about security in a post-quantum era:

  • Current state. How far along is quantum computing – some big announcements, but what is real versus hype?
  • Quantum encryption vs. quantum computing. We’ll distinguish between quantum encryption and post-quantum computing security risks.
  • When and where. What are the latest estimates regarding when a quantum computer will first be in operations that is capable of running something like Shor’s algorithm? And where might the first quantum computer be built?
  • New security requirements. How will security controls change – or will the post-quantum era look similar to today with updates to existing technology?
  • Mitigations. As more data shifts to the cloud, will actions by the likes of Microsoft, AWS, Salesforce et al., mitigate this security threat if they can become quantum resistant in their services? What are other potential mitigations that might accelerate quantum-resistance? And where is NIST / other standards at with PQC?
  • Canada readiness. Will we be ready when the inevitable happens?

Panelist bios:
Bruno Coulliard has more than 30 years of experience in the security industry with 12 of those years with the Canadian Military and the Communications Security Establishment. He is best known for his leading role in the development of the Luna hardware security module (HSM) and as the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Chrysalis-ITS (Gemalto). He also contributed to defining the PKCS#11 Standard, the API to cryptographic tokens. Bruno has authored patents on security of root key transfer, time stamping, time synchronization, and other topics, and continues to develop new ones to this day. At Crypto4A, Bruno is developing the next generation HSM to address the looming risk of quantum computers while providing a modern cybersecurity environment for applications deployments adapted for cloud and edge computing. He is recognized as a thought leader in the cybersecurity and key management space and determined to continue improving the underlying security of our evolving digital infrastructure.

Dr. Michele Mosca is CEO and Co-founder, evolutionQ Inc. Dr. Mosca is globally recognized for his drive to help academia, industry and government prepare our cyber systems to be safe in an era with quantum computers. He co-founded and leads evolutionQ Inc. to provide products and services that enable organizations to evolve their quantum-vulnerable systems and practices to quantum-safe ones. He was a founder of the ETSI-IQC workshop series in Quantum-Safe Cryptography. He co-founded softwareQ Inc. to help organizations benefit from the power of quantum computers.

He worked on cryptography during his BMath (Waterloo) and MSc (Oxford) and obtained his Doctorate (Oxford) on Quantum Computer Algorithms.
He is a founder of the Institute for Quantum Computing, Professor in the Department of Combinatorics & Optimization at the University of Waterloo, and a founding member of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. His research interests include quantum computation and cryptographic tools designed to be safe against quantum technologies. Dr. Mosca’s awards and honours include Fellow of the Institute for Combinatorics and its Applications (since 2000), 2010 Canada’s Top 40 Under 40, Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal (2013), SJU Fr. Norm Choate Lifetime Achievement Award (2017), and a Knighthood (Cavaliere) in the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic (2018).

Alexander Truskovsky is a seasoned technology professional with over 20 years of experience including software engineering, security architecture, product management, technical sales, global standards and intellectual property. Enjoy solving problems involving the art and science of cryptography. Adept at creating solutions to address real-world problems. Experienced at bringing emerging technologies to market.

Most recently, contributed to the growth of ISARA, a startup bringing quantum-safe cryptography to market, including intellectual property creation, key technology standardization, product creation, market problem definition and go-to-market strategy. Previously, provided technical leadership in the development of core security protocols and features at BlackBerry, and designed and built enterprise software at Oracle.

Hold a Master’s of Computer Science from Concordia University focusing on Applied Cryptography, a Master’s of Business Administration from the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University, CISSP and PMC-VI designations, and 20 patents in areas of security protocols.


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