April TASK: Debunking Dark Web Myths: Taking Appropriate Defensive Actions

Wednesday 28-April-2021 // 6:00 – 7:00 PM
Meeting Location: Virtual – Register

April TASK (Virtual)

Speaker: David Décary-Hétu
Topic: Debunking Dark Web Myths: Taking Appropriate Defensive Actions

Let’s shine some light on today’s dark web to learn what we should and shouldn’t be concerned about – and what actions your organization should take. A decade ago, the dark web seemed to be THE new frontier for understanding criminal activity online. At that time, there was very little technology developed to track offenders on the dark web, and the unknown fueled much discussion, hype, fear, and guesswork. In this talk you will learn what role the dark web plays in today’s crime, what are the challenges to collect and analyze the data therein, what is the structure of its networks? We will discuss these questions by going through the various stages of development of my collection of tools, from the academic world to the world of private security. In doing so, we’ll debunk several myths surrounding dark web data, and how to action it within your business security.

David Hétu has a Ph.D. in criminology from the Université de Montréal and his main research interest is in online illicit markets and the impact of technology on crime, whether it be from the offenders’ point of view or from a regulation point of view. David’s research has been published in the highest academic journals (ex. British Medical Journal) and presented at leading conferences (Botconf, HOPE). He is regularly invited to share his analysis of cybercrime in media outlets. David is a co-founder and Chief Research Officer of Flare Systems. He has developed the DATACRYPTO software tool to monitor darknet activities and has co-developed the BitCluster software tool with Flare Systems’ CEO Mathieu Lavoie.


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