February TASK: Ransomware Attacks: The First Hours

Wednesday 24-February-2021 // 6:00 – 7:00 PM
Meeting Location: Virtual – Register

February TASK (Virtual)

Speaker: Julian Pileggi
Topic: Ransomware Attacks: The First Hours

Ransomware attacks are prevalent. The actions taken by a company immediately after a ransomware attack can have major implications on their ability to restore operations. This talk will clearly explain which actions should be taken, and which actions might unintentionally cause an organization much more trouble. This talk will go through a what to do, and not to do when initially facing a ransomware encryption event. This topic is based on real-world situations, not theories, and will cover associated case studies. This information is critical to organizations that will suffer a ransomware attack in the future. Taking the right initial actions can mean the difference between a quick recovery and a recovery that takes weeks or months, and much more time, effort, and money.

Julian Pileggi is a Technical Manager at Mandiant, based in Toronto, Canada. His areas of expertise include enterprise incident response, digital forensics, threat hunting and security operations centre team development. Prior to his employment at Mandiant, Julian worked at a large financial institution within the security operations and incident response team.

A special thanks to Zoom for making this happen.

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