November TASK: Threat Hunting with EDR / Securing Pipes with TACOs

Wednesday 27-November-2019 // 6:00 – 9:00 PM
Meeting Location: Michener Auditorium at UHN, 222 St. Patrick Street, Toronto

November TASK

Speaker: Julian Pileggi
Topic: Threat Hunting with EDR

As skilled attackers focus on bypassing traditional security mechanisms, the ability to perform threat hunting has become more and more integral to a comprehensive security monitoring and response program. Many organizations have realized that deploying an Enterprise Detection & Response (EDR) platform will help their teams be more effective and provide increased visibility. This talk will go over the current threat landscape, the basics of threat hunting, a vendor-agnostic approach to using an EDR for threat hunting and some interesting examples of threat hunts that you could run in your environment right now.

Speaker: Peter Maddison
Topic: Securing Pipes with TACOs

TACO is an acronym I use with clients to help them map controls from their software delivery pipelines to the organizational controls. TACO stands for Traceability, Access, Compliance, and Operations. The approach consists of a base list of 25 automatable controls that are documented and the control activity, artifacts and SOR identified. After mapping how these controls are handed, we map them to the organizational controls and identify any gaps. This model allows for the creation of opinionated pipelines and helps create a common understanding across teams as to what is required in order to be secure. Taking a TACO approach can be considered a part of implementing a DevSecOps program and I’ve used this approach at multiple banks.

During the talk I’ll run through the different categories of controls, how they are implemented, what the purpose of them is, how to create robust feedback loops for controls such as SAST.

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Meeting Location: Michener Auditorium, 222 St. Patrick Street, Toronto.

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