October TASK: The Mechanics of Malware’s Darskide / A Docker Container Primer for Security Professionals

Wednesday 30-October-2019 // 6:00 – 9:00 PM
Meeting Location: Michener Auditorium at UHN, 222 St. Patrick Street, Toronto

October TASK

Speakers: Laura Harris and Yagneshwaran Prabagaran
Topic: The Mechanics of Malware’s Darkside

This presentation will introduce the basics steps of carrying out static and dynamic analysis on malware using disassemblers, debuggers, and amongst other tools. Diving into the dark waters of dissecting malware will allow the audience to understand how to disassemble malware, identify key strings and process, and track the behavioral triggers once placed in a sandbox. It also highlights the limitation of static analysis and hints at the next phases of analyzing an obfuscated malware. The audience will be able to develop basic SNORT and YARA rule based on the information shared.

Speaker: James Smith
Topic: A Docker Container Primer for Security Professionals

Docker Containers have been around for a few years now and their adoption rate is growing rapidly. This talk focuses on Docker and the technologies and philosophies around it. DevOps principles, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment present challenges for security due to the fast-paced nature of containers. The new technologies around Docker containers will be discussed such as registries, build tools, container orchestration, and security.

James has 20+ years of experience in the Information Technology and Cyber Security fields, working for companies in the technology, telecommunications, and financial industries. His cyber security expertise includes vulnerability management, perimeter security, security testing, and security operations. James also has operational experience in networking, Unix, Linux, as well as programming in several languages. James currently holds the CISSP designation, and works as a senior sales engineer for Tenable and provides subject matter expertise in containers.

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Meeting Location: Michener Auditorium, 222 St. Patrick Street, Toronto.

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