August TASK: BlackHat, DefCon, BSidesLV Recap

Wednesday 28-August-2019 // 6:15 – 9:00 PM
Meeting Location: Michener Auditorium at UHN, 222 St. Patrick Street, Toronto

August TASK

This month’s TASK is our ever-popular BlackHat, DefCon, BSidesLV recap special!

Listed below are just a few of this month’s Speakers and the Sessions they’ll be covering:

  • Cheryl Biswas
    • Threat Hunting Talk from BSides
    • Diana Initiative
  • Jason Kendall
    • BSides Overview/Wrap Up
  • Alana Staszczyszyn
    • Hackers are Scary: Why the “Stupid User” is Actually just Afraid
    • BioHacking Village
  • Ilya Komanovich
    • MemHunter
    • Bloundhound from Red to Blue
    • Malproxy
    • Monsters in the Middlesboxes
  • Geoffery Heymann
    • Red Team Village
    • Detection Bypass in MacOS
    • Command Injection in Cloud Environments
  • Robin Wilcoxen
    • OWASP Top 10 (AppSec Village)
  • Ophe Chan
    • Are Quantum Computers Really a Threat to Cryptography?
    • SSO Wars: The Token Menace
    • Hacking Wetware with Open Source Software and Hardware: the DIY Artificial Pancreas
      Do No Harm: A Healthcare Security Conversation
  •  Liz Jaluague
    • BsidesLV Hallway Track
  • Anthony Tam
    • Mixing industrial protocols with web application security flaws in order to exploit OT devices in the internet
    • Blockchain-Security Symbiosis: Security Enabling Blockchains; Blockchains Enabling Security
  • Adam Podgorski
    • Your Phone is Using TOR and is Leaking your PII
  • Jomar Gacoscos
    • Car Hacking Village – CAN Reverse Engineering Challenges by Grimm Cyber
    • Social Engineering Village – I PWN Thee, I PWN Thee Not! by Jayson Street
    • Social Engineering Village – Cold Reading Techniques for Fortune Tellers and Social Engineering by Chris Kirsch
  • Shenalie Fernando
    • Social Engineering Village – The Voice Told Me To Do It
  • Laylee Olsen
    • The Hacker Summer Camp Experience

Come along to see your fellow TASKers present and hear what they learnt!

This month’s TASK is proudly sponsored by eSentire.

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We want to cut through the hype and overblown claims surrounding AI and ML to help our customers successfully tackle their biggest challenges utilizing human expertise at machine scale. We value each person’s unique contribution, so if you love to solve difficult problems–together–eSentire is the place for you.

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Meeting Location: Michener Auditorium, 222 St. Patrick Street, Toronto.

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