April TASK: Offensive Windows Administration – The WMI Way / Red Team Attacks – How Do We Get on the Network?

Wednesday 24-April-2019 // 6:00 – 9:00 PM
Meeting Location: Michener Auditorium at UHN, 222 St. Patrick Street, Toronto

April TASK

Speaker: Lee Kagan
Topic: : Offensive Windows Administration – The WMI Way

In this talk, Lee will take the audience through a journey in Windows Management Instrumentation. Together we will explore the underlying technology and history, explain all the moving pieces that make up the world of WMI as well as its intended application and how to leverage WMI for offensive operations against Windows environments. Live demos included.
Speake Bio: Lee Kagan is an offensive security professional with nearly a decade in InfoSec. Penetration tester, red teamer and currently lead for RedBlack Security’s “Rogue Team” specializing in threat and adversary simulations, and senior principal analyst at Symantec focusing on offensive RnD. Lee is also the co-creator of C3X (Canadian Collegiate Cyber Exercise), a war-game, red vs. blue challenge for students in cyber security programs.

Speaker: Robert Beggs
Topic: Red Team Attacks – How Do We Get on the Network?

Gaining access to a network and its data resources is the vital first step in compromising security. This talk will explore and demonstrate how this achieved using physical attacks, social engineering, and finding the holes that give access to the network. How do we get your access credentials? Are we impressed with firewalls and IDS? Is there a “best” anti-virus program that you should be using? What are we looking for on your network? Come and see the attacks in action.

Speake Bio: Robert Beggs specializes in penetration testing, incident response, and data forensics

Meeting Location: Michener Auditorium, 222 St. Patrick Street, Toronto.

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