September TASK – Standards and Frameworks and Regulations, Oh My! / Fifteen Years of FAIL?

Wednesday 28-September-2016 // 6:00 – 9:00 PM
Meeting Location: 55 John Street, Toronto
Room: Rotunda (On main floor, just past the elevators)

Speaker: Dave Millier
Topic: Standards and Frameworks and Regulations, Oh My!

Dave Millier will talk about challenges facing businesses today when trying to decide what methodology to implement to better protect their organizations. He’ll talk about different approaches to better securing your organization by leveraging existing standards and/or frameworks, as well as aligning with regulatory requirements you may have.

Dave will briefly talk about his book, Breached!, which is a fictionalized cautionary tale of a rapidly growing business and the challenges it faced when it suffered a security breach, discussing many of the pitfalls he’s seen in 20+ years working in the InfoSec space, presenting solutions to help you avoid falling into the same traps. Dave will have a limited supply of his books to be distributed amongst the audience, make sure to ask lots of questions!


Speaker: James Arlen
Topic 2: Fifteen Years of FAIL?

Waking up with the sudden and shocking realization that I cannot escape the feeling that I have wasted a decade and a half of my life. I am an infosec professional [1] and I’ve been doing the best job that I can. Except nothing works right. Have I really wasted my time? Can I prove myself wrong?

Through a mixture of news stories, teachable moments, hard-won experience and perhaps an interpretive dance [2] you will be taken on a journey of maturity and self-discovery – an examination and ultimately a determination on one information security professional’s career trying to make a difference.

1. This is technically a cyber-finance and cyber-critical cyber-infrastructure talk, you can totally claim the CPEs for it.
2. Due to union regulations there shall be no interpretive dance.

Meeting Location: 55 john Street, Toronto. Room: Rotunda

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