September TASK

Wednesday 30-September-2015 // 6:00 – 9:00 PM
Building: Metro Hall
Room: Rotunda (On main floor, just past elevators)
55 John Street, Toronto, ON

Speaker: Ritesh Kotak, Research and Innovation Strategist, Toronto Police
Topic: Policing in the age of Social/Cyber/Digital Transformation

With the rise in the use of technology, law enforcement is attempting to bridge the increasing gap between the police and the community. Ritesh Kotak of the Toronto Police Service will describe the several strategies and approaches to address the ever-changing social environment by leveraging technologies to engage communities, solve crimes and keep citizens informed. Rapidly changing communication patterns and the use of social media and analytics, provides police services with an incredible opportunity to connect and facilitate change if done correctly. Ritesh Kotak will define challenges faced in implementing such a strategy, where law enforcement is today regarding Social/Digital/Cyber Crime along with innovation coming around the corner.

Speaker: Robert Beggs, Digital Defence
Title:  Tip-toe through the servers: is your penetration test stealthy enough?

The nature of penetration testing is changing; the new focus is on conducting goal-based tests using the same methodologies and tools used by automated persistent threats and skilled attackers.  It is no longer sufficient to scan a network, identify vulnerabilities, and then run an exploit – you have to do all that while remaining undetected.  And once you’ve gained access to the network, you have to escalate privileges and move to new targets without being caught by wary system administrators or IDS/IPS/SIEMs.  This talk will focus on the methodologies and tools that you need to know to accomplish these goals in all parts of the testing cycle.  More importantly, it will demonstrate how to “live off the land” – taking advantage of built-in Windows and Unix tools and services to compromise a network and its data.  Testers will learn how to hide their activities from the network, and administrators will gain an understanding of how penetration testing has moved to a whole new level.

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