30-July-2014 // 6:00 – 9:00 PM
BUILDING: Telus Building
25 York Street, 3rd Floor
(Room 003-031 Spirited Teamwork)

Talk 1: Security, Privacy and Risk Management in Real World Big Data Analytics

Speaker: Jerrard Gaertner, Managed Analytic Services Inc.
Big data analytics often means all the eggs in one basket – a situation that makes lawyers, auditors, security and privacy officers and corporate regulators very nervous. What are the risks and how do they differ from other areas of IT? What is the current state of the art in big data security and privacy and what steps should be taken to protect big data assets? Are there specific, applicable standards for the security professional to use or are we still too early in the game? This presentation will explore these and other issues in the rapidly changing, still very hype-filled world of big data and predictive analytics.

Talk 2: Bitcoins – Ignore at your own peril
Speaker: Robert Beggs, DigitalDefence
Bitcoins are a ‘cryptocurrency’ that are traded electronically without the need for financial institutions.   They have taken advantage of three disruptive technologies – strong cryptography, the Internet, and the acceptance of virtual currencies –   to gain acceptance as a currency, and are increasingly being used in real-world transaction.   In this presentation, you’ll learn how cryptocurrencies work, how they interact with traditional currencies and banks, and the security and privacy risks of using these online currencies.

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