29-January-2014 // 6:00 – 9:00 PM
Note: Another building change!
BUILDING : Fitzgerald Building, Room FG103
150 College Street, Toronto

Topic 1:  A behavioral analytics approach to insider and outsider attacks
Speaker : Stephen Jou, FileTrek

Stephen will introduce the new concept of using behavioral analytics as a tool to detect both insider and outsider threats.  The presentation will explain how behavioral analytics can be applied in an operational model to build baselines of end user behaviors and then detect anomalies in those behaviors.  These anomalies are the early stage steps in an insider attack or the indicators of compromise (IOCs) of a targeted outside attack.
Using case studies, Stephen will show how applying behavioral analytics to observe analyze and act on workplace threats (insiders mistakenly or intentionally mishandling data and/or outsiders acting as insiders trying to steal company sensitive data like intellectual property) enables even small security teams to; gain visibility to the data risks that exist across their organization, improve enforcement existing security controls, and cover use cases such as person of interest investigation and persistent insider threat.

Topic 2:  Forensics and fraud – from the trenches
Speaker :  Rob Bonenfant, RBS Computer

Rob is specializes in applying data forensics to the investigation of fraud and other crimes.  Tonight he will speak to several Canadian-specific investigations where data forensics was applied in identifying and prosecuting significant frauds.  Rob Bonenfant is a former law enforcement officer who now specializes in data forensics.  He is employed in cases across North America, and has extensive experience in applying his findings to criminal investigations
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