October TASK


30-October-2013 // 6:00 – 9:00 PM
Note: This is the same building as September.
BUILDING: Tanz Neuroscience Building- Room 6
6 Queen’s Park Crescent West, Toronto, Ontario

Thanks to everyone who attended and supported SecTor this year, the event was a huge success and we couldn’t pull it off without your support.

We have two great talks this month and as always, no registration needed.  Just show up and feel free to bring a friend.  Make sure they join our mailing list at https://task.to to get these reminders and our group on LinkedIN to stay connected.

TALK 1: iGoogleSpy: Intelligence and information gathering with Google Custom Searches
Speaker : Jamal Bandukwala

Traditional Google searches can generate millions of results many of which are not relevant to what a user is looking for and when a user searches for items with various advanced operators they are still limited to searching one site at a time.  My custom searches allow a user to peruse multiple relevant sources at the same time.  I have put together different custom searches/ engines; each of whichperuses through different types of online sources/ content and consequently provides different types of information/ intelligence.  One can find everything from credit card numbers to passport information and even do things like interrupt travel plans.  Additionally you can also find significant information on various individuals even if they do not have their own presence online; this can allow an attacker to craft a much more convincing attack to get the information they need.  The only limits with these searches and what you can find with them are your imagination, the possibilities are endless.

TALK 2: CRYPTOGEDDON – Online Cyber Security War Game
Speaker : Todd Dow

A CSEC cybersecurity analyst has gone rogue. He has taken a large cache of top secret files that include the names and identities of several secret agents working in foreign countries. This rogue analyst has stowed these files on the internet in an encrypted format and he is now threatening to share the location of the files and the decryption keys with the public. Earlier today, the CSEC cybersecurity analyst narrowly avoided capture at a local cyber cafe, but during his escape, he left behind a USB drive, which contained our only clues thus far…

Does this scenario sound familiar? Would you know how to recover this data?

In this action packed hour, Todd will use various publicly available infosec tools to solve this fictitious infosec mission. Topics and tools will include cryptography, steganography, virtual machines, network and intrusion monitoring and vulnerability exploit tools.
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