June Task Meeting


TALK BY Kevvie Fowler, Partner at KPMG

Cybersecurity; everyone’s talking about what the bulk of us have known for 20 years; that it’s important.  The need for cyber intelligence to add context to log data and proactively identify future threats to your organization is an important element of cyber security, however there is little practical advice on how to actually manage it. In this session we’ll look at where you should go to gain visibility into cyber threats, how to identify the threats applicable to your organization and how you can convert this information into intelligence to proactively act on it.

TALK BY Tyler Krimmel, George Brown College
Creating Innovation Through Academic and Industry Partnerships in Information Security

In January 2014, George Brown College will be introducing the Network and System Security Analysis (NaSSA) graduate certificate program to its suite of programs.  To complement the launch of the NaSSA graduate certificate program, GBC is creating a Security Innovations LabOratory (SILO), located at the School’s Casa Loma Campus.  This lab is intended to compliment and support industry and students collaboratively in the development of innovative security solution development and training activities.  Industry partners – especially small and medium sized enterprises could benefit from accessing these resources for activities such as:

  • testing and training of staff in skills such as penetration testing
  • accessing a variety of securities technologies to be available, or assessing your own technologies
  • leveraging Applied Research funding for the development of innovation activities

The purpose of this session is to provide you with our vision for the development of the Security Innovations LabOratory, and explain how we intend to support innovation in Toronto’s security sector.
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