TASK Event Wednesday, 29 February 2012

NOTE: New location
Wallberg Building – University of Toronto
184-200 College Street – Room # WB 116

Talk 1: How to Succeed in the Business of Detecting Data Exfiltration
Dr. G.S. Graham (University of Toronto) will entertain and dazzle us on how, ‘Stealing IP and PI and other initials by copying is a growth industry”. When done by an insider who would normally have the authority to access the information, it is difficult to detect. Based on research by Jonathan Grier, G.S Graham will address forensics / file system analysis to identify this type of theft, even where there are no apparent artefacts for a copying operation (even in the Windows Registry).   Using cutting edge data forensics techniques, he will provide an overview of how to detect this major source of data leakage.

Talk 2:   Your Digital Legacy – or – An Electron by Any Other Name
A s our lives become more and more intertwined with the Web, the Cloud, social media and smart phones, so too does the administrative complexity of dealing with passwords, tokens, files, correspondence…   You know how hard it is to keep on top of it all!
Now think about getting hit by a bus! Think about your loved ones trying to access your LinkedIn profile to tell the world you are dead. Think of all those BitCoins lying around on your hard drive that no one knows about – or your credit balance at Poker.com (you wish).

  • EBay power seller? Have you paid your taxes?
  • Transferred some money offshore and forgot to tell anyone?
  • Fabulous domain name you registered in 1996 coming up for renewal?
  • Having an affair for the last 20 years?

Your Digital Legacy is becoming more and more complicated to deal with.   Lawyers and bankers and estate administrators are scrambling to keep up with technology. Best practice/due diligence is a moving target.

Want to hear more?

Jerry Gaertner CA-CISA/IT, CISSP, CGEIT, CIPP/IT, CFI, CIA, I.S.P., ITCP is Director of Technology Assurance Services at Soberman LLP. He is a recognized thought leader in the area of digital legacy (other areas too) and has lectured across Canada on the topic. Jerry is also President of the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS) the ONLY IT organization in Canada mandated by statute to advocate for IT professionalism, ethics and protection of the public interest.

TASK March 28 will return to the Leslie Dan Pharmacy Building, 144 College Street.   We’ll also be returning to one of our most popular topics – HR aspects of data security, covering topics such as: breaking into the data security industry, the Toronto market for security specialists, education and certifications, and the non-technical skills you need to survive.   If you have specific requests of material that you wish covered, please email: info@task.to
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