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Security and Non-Profits: Understanding the Challenges and the Opportunities
From many years of working for and with various non-profits, Vicki will provide some insight into the security challenges and opportunities of working with non-profits. Similar to the for-profit sector, they range in size and complexity. In order to be successful in working with non-profits, it is important to understand the competitive environment non-profits are all facing, their priorities and their focus.

Speaker Bio :  Vicki Mains is the Director, Information Systems at CNIB, a national nonprofit, reliant on technology to deliver service including an online library. Her background includes Sociology, Computer Programmer/Analyst, SQL DBA, CISSP, I.S.P. and ITCP accreditations. Optimizations and implementation of standards include ITIL and PCI, and leading edge project deployments. Her IS team was ranked third in the top five in Canada.. As someone who has managed enterprise projects for many years, Vicki is proud to say that all implementations have been on time and on budget.

Forensics From the Field
Rene Hamel will be reviewing several interesting forensics cases that he’s worked with lately, revealing some of the techniques that are used in the financial industry.

Speaker Bio : Rene is part of the TD Bank Global Security and Investigations Shared Services group. He currently manages the Forensic Technology Services group in Canada and USA.  His team collects evidence from computers, laptops, phones, blackberries, Ipads and a variety of devices capable of storing valuable data. Rene started his career with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police doing general investigative work mainly in British Columbia and has also worked for consulting firms doing similar work in Toronto and Ireland for two years.

The Future of Cybercrime
Speaking with Rene, Kevin will be using his unique perspective on civil investigations and data forensics to review the changing nature of cybercrime, and present a forecast of how cybercrime is evolving, and the steps we’ll have to take to successfully challenge it.

Speaker Bio:
Kevin Lo  is presently the Managing Director at Froese Forensic Partners, a firm that provides expert opinions in financial fraud, crimes committed with the use of electronic devices, and data forensics.  In the past he has served as the President of the Ontario branch of the High Technology Crime Investigation Association, and he has worked in the field as a data forensics specialist since 1999.
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