Business Communications for IT Security Pros

Soft Skills Part Deux – Business Communications for IT Security Pros
Business Communication for IT Security Pros IT pros are measured by their technical prowess AND by their ability to communicate with others. You must have the technical knowledge to do your job BUT you must be able to express yourself both confidently and effectively. Without that combination, you can’t demonstrate your value to an organization or to members of your team, not to mention that it might prevent you from landing your dream job.

Business Communication for IT Security Pros is an interactive two-part workshop focusing on verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Note that participants are encouraged to bring questions, situations, and scenarios with them for analysis and discussion.

Part 1 focuses on written communication, emphasizing emails, report writing, and resume preparation.
Part 2 focuses on verbal communication, including team interaction, job interviewing skills, negotiation, and one-on-one interpersonal dynamics.

Learn tips to combine your technical expertise with the ability to communicate your brilliance, preparing yourselves for career success!

About Michelle Warren
The ability to communicate effectively is often taken for granted. We often assume we can do it, because we have been doing it all of our lives. But it is a skill that must be practiced. As we know, good communication skills can accelerate your career, just as poor skills can break it.

Michelle Warren is a professional communications and leadership coach and trainer. Her passion is helping people express themselves effectively and powerfully, thereby helping them improve both their professional and personal lives.

In addition to coaching, Michelle’s experience lies in the IT industry. A career spent helping people translate their technical knowledge into words and expressions to help them excel. She will help you understand your audience – how they think, and how they hear what you say – so that you can succeed by helping them succeed  in this dynamic workshop.

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