TASK June – It’s Maker’s Month!

TASK June – It’s Maker’s Month!
Wednesday, 30 June 2010 6:00PM – 9:00PM

University of Toronto, Health Science Building Room 610
155 College Street, *Toronto*, Ontario M5T 3M7

While TASK usually focuses almost exclusively on information security issues, this month we’re proud to present something a little different for June: The TASK MAKER’S MONTH.

Several TASK “regulars” are involved in what’s informally known as the “Maker Community”; small, grass-roots groups that meet to push the limits of home-grown technology projects and artistic expression with a fierce DIY ethos. We invited a few groups to present their current projects and interests and we’ll be receiving presentations from Seth Hardy (Site 3 coLaboratory) and James Arden (Think|Haus) – both leaders in the Canadian Maker’s space.

Both speakers have presented at previous DEFCONs; we expect that the TASK Maker’s Month will have material both interesting and offbeat! We hope you’ll join us.

Seth Hardy is a professional “hacker” or “cypherpunk” with strong background in cryptography including formal education in mathematics.
He has experience with reverse engineering, auditing, vulnerability research and penetration testing. He is interested in various aspects of cryptography including random number generation, trust networks, and anonymous systems. He is a community builder who leads by example, or a professional troublemaker (take your pick, it’s all the same).

He will discuss:

Our vision, what we want to do (create/display/teach/inspire)

  • Build stuff: rapid prototyping lab, metalworking shop
  • Classroom and workshop space
  • Art gallery / display nights

Some history

  • Flame Effects Workshop, visit of the Flaming Lotus Girls to Toronto

Some current projects!

  • The Heart Machine: a LARGE interactive fire art sculpture
  • Pyrokinesis: controlling flame effects with the power of your mind
  • Flux and Fire: interactive fire art for Nuit Blanche
  • Smaller projects (that don’t involve fire): LED lighting effects, monome, syntheslicer

Workshops and planned events

  • Learn to solder, chiptunes, sewing, Arduino, many more.

James Arlen is a senior information security professional and technical project/team leader with 15+ years experience whose skill-set is focused primarily on information security audit and design, information security policy development and implementation with strong secondary skills in network security system planning, design and engineering and large scale LAN/WAN network design and engineering.

He will discuss:

  • “A Treatise on the Positive Affect of Amateur Sagacity as Applied for the Infosec Professional”
  • Briefly – who am I, what’s a Think|Haus, disclaimer, promise I have a point.
  • What happens when…
    • you put smart people together
    • mix in a little art / tech / applied engineering
    • add a little ‘bang’.
  • !planning == planning


  • miniSoOnCon
  • shark-based coherent light
  • community building

Maker ethos

  • The Cult of Done
  • The Maker Bill of Rights
  • Open Source Hardware
  • Co-opetition

Framing the Examples and Ethos in Infosec Geek Speak (translating) / Applied Awesomeness 101 (demo / show and tell)

Remember to check the TASK Linkedin Group page for changes and updates!
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