Payment Card Fraud – May 26, 2010

Payment Card Fraud (Sponsored by Giesecke & Devrient; )
Topic 1: EMV in Canada
The rollout of chip-enabled credit cards in Canada is nearing completion. This coordinated set of presentations will focus on the technology – how it works, which governing bodies and standards are involved, and what types of fraud risk are mitigated via the use of EMV (and which ones are not). Finally, the presentation will also cover some of the new technologies in EMV and mobile payments. The following is a detailed list of topics to be covered:

  • Chip-based Payment Cards – Governing Bodies, EMVCo, Standards and Specifications
  • Specifications of the Major Payment Associations (Visa, MC, Amex)
  • Smart Card Chip Security – Hardware and Software Components
  • EMV Payment Transactions – Online, Offline and Contactless
  • Card Risk Management Parameters and CVM List
  • New Technologies in EMV Payments (including Display Card Technology and Mobile Phone Payments)
  • Payments Fraud – Trending and the Benefits of EMV

Matthew Tremmaglia, Giesecke and Devrient (G&D)
Matthew joined G&D in 2007 as part of the Strategic Account Management Team. During his career at G&D, he has worked closely with many Canadian financial institutions as they launch their EMV migrations to chip based payment cards. Currently, Matthew is working on initiatives in Canada that span EMV: Instant Issuance, Mobile payments, Transit solutions and a variety of other innovative concepts that leverage high-security products.

Nick Pisarev, Giesecke & Devrient
Nick has over 10 years of international experience in the payment industry. He joined G&D Canada in 2004 bringing with him a reputable knowledge in smart card and secure payment technologies from the European market. Managing the Emerging Technology team, Nick’s extensive experience has been instrumental in assisting Canadian Financial Institutions for the successful migration to EMV chip technology. In collaboration with G&D’s international Product and R&D teams and working closely with the Payment Associations, Nick is helping to pioneer new technologies in the Canadian payment market. This includes dual interface payment card products, mobile payment solutions and 2-factor authentication.

Fred Hopper, Giesecke & Devrient
Fred is G&D’s Director of Security and you may remember his Payment Card Technology presentation at TASK in June 2007. His background is originally in IT Infrastructure and during the past decade he has specialized in Information and Physical Security, working both as a consultant and as a security department head where he has developed an expertise in payment card security best practices and compliance.  He is an active participant in the Canadian financial card security community and has assisted law enforcement investigations and prosecutions in payment card counterfeiting.  Fred is also a CISSP and CISA and occasionally speaks at conferences on topics such as phone spoofing and targeted phishing.

Topic 2: A Law Enforcement Perspective on Payment Card Fraud
This presentation will provide a law enforcement perspective on the payment card fraud trends starting with appearance of card skimming in the late 1990’s up to Project Instrument, the largest payment card counterfeiting prosecution in Canadian history. Jacques will also discuss an interesting encryption issue in this case which may be of interest to TASK members. Can defendants be forced to provide the passwords necessary to decrypt encrypted media seized by police? Must the state release the same encrypted media without receiving the necessary passwords in order to know what they are releasing?

Speaker: Jacques Bois, Ontario Provincial Police (OPP)
Jacques is a 21 year veteran of the OPP. He spent the first eight years in uniform capacity before accepting a Detective position within the OPP’s Behavioural Sciences Section. From there, he transferred to the Anti-Rackets Section where he investigated enterprise crimes, before joining the Payment Card and Identity Crime Unit – a Unit he eventually managed. Jacques returned to Field Crime Unit duties three years ago and currently holds the rank of Detective Staff Sergeant. He oversees four Detachment Crime Units, the Central Region Major Incident Support Unit, and is the program manager for the OPP Central Region Abuse Issues and DNA Program.


Location:  The Bahen Centre for Information Technology, U of T
40 St. George Street, M5S 2E4
NOTE:  This is NOT where we met last month, or even the month before …
Time:         6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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