April TASK meeting & SecTor 2010 – April 28, 2010

Wednesday, 28 April 2010 – 6:00 to 9:00
Health Sciences Building, 155 College Street Toronto, M5T 3M7 – 6th Floor

Presentation 0.5 – Conference Overview
Robert Beggs, DigitalDefence
The Canadian Technical Security Conference (Cornwall) will be reviewed. This annual conference focused on technical security – “bugs”, and “bug sweeping”.

Presentation 1 – Covert Use of Data Resources Robert Beggs, DigitalDefence
A data system (laptop, iPhone) can not only be hacked, but it can be used to conduct covert surveillance on a target. Keyloggers and  compromised cameras and microphones extend surveillance capabilities.
This talk will provide an overview and practical examples on how  systems are compromised, as well as how to rapidly detect and respond  to the compromise.

Presentation 2 – An Examination of Two Recent Attacks + “Hacking”
Terry Cutler, Security Researcher
The Aurora breach that targeted Google and 34 other companies, and the kneber botnet variant that managed to infiltrate nearly 2,500  corporate networks, are targeted attacks. During the first half of
our talks, we will use cutting-edge tools such as CORE IMPACT to demonstrate how they worked (and why they were so effective), and how to detect and mitigate their effects. The attack will also demonstrate getting access to a corporate using a spear-phishing attack via Linkedin.

During the second half of the talk, we’ll switch gears to talk about  the practice of certifying ethical hackers/penetration testers. Which certification is “the best one”, and how is the market accepting these certifications? Come prepared for a lively discussion!

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