Vulnerability Madness! – March 31, 2010

March Meeting – Vulnerability Madness!

Roy Firestein, DigitalDefence
“Security Vulnerabilities in Cable Modems”
Roy has conducted research to identify vulnerabilities in the default installation of commercial cable modems (typical of the type installed in the Toronto area).  He will outline his research, and let you know how you can prevent attacks against your home and small business networks.

Ted LeRay, Independent Researcher
“BRST – the Border Router Security Tool (a SourceForge Project”)
Cisco border routers (routers between the firewall and the Internet) are ubiquitous and are often not as secure as they can be. Border routers are exposed to the Internet and should be thoroughly hardened. Learn how to disable unneed services, enable desireable services, handle spoofed traffic, secure remote access, and more. The goal of the BRST project is to make securing border routers easy for administrators and freely accessible to everyone.

Tyler Reguly, Security Researcher
“Something about Web Vulnerabilities”
Tyler has been conducting research on some of the more esoteric and interesting aspects of website vulnerabilities – as per normal, he’s holding off on the specific details at this time … but we’ll update the site when we can squeeze a bit more information from him!

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