Forensics Evening – February 22, 2010

Topic:”Building an Information Security Startup in Canada” – Richard Reiner, Enomaly
Richard, former Chief Security and Technology Officer at Telus Canada, is one of Canada’s most seasoned entrepeneurs specializing in Information Security.  A member of multiple advisory and venture capital groups, he has gained a unique perspective on the trials, tribulations, and successes of security startups in Canada.  He will share his experiences during his talk, and also comment on security in the cloud.

Topic:Shmoocon 2010 Review – Roy Firestein, DigitalDefence
Shmoocon is an annual east-coast hacker conference. Several TASK members attended, so you can expect a review of some of the hottest topics that were presented (new tools and techniques for auditing and reversing, detecting wireless access points, hacking social networks, compromising cloud security, (in)securing smartphones …

Topic:Forensics in the Corporate Environment – Rob Bonenfant, RBS Computing
Rob has 19 years of law enforcement experience, including 5 years with international agencies (Interpol, US Marshals, FBI, various policing agencies in Europe and North America) – all in the field of electronic investigations.

He has turned this experience to investigations that happen in the corporate world, and will be presenting experiences from the Canadian business world that include fraud, inappropriate use, sexual harassment, etc. Tools and techniques will be demonstrated

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