Direct Access – November 25, 2009

Topic: Lifting the Lid: DirectAccess in Windows 7
Speaker: Pat Telford
A new remote access strategy is taking form with the release of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. DirectAccess uses IPv6, IPsec, and some DNS frigonometry to allow clients roaming the internet to get secure access to internal resources without a VPN. It works from the moment you lift the lid on your laptop and allows IT administrators to manage those troublesome, never-at-home computers. But you need to understand how the underlying technologies work to be able to assess its security and suitability for your organization. This session will dig into some of the technical details and things to be aware of in this new technology.

Topic: RF Countersurveillance
Speaker: Byron Sonne
RF Countersurveillance is an entry level talk to the basics of trunk-tracking radio scanners and how to use them. Trunk-tracking radio systems are in use by almost all police forces and a large number of businesses. Everything from equipment to programming, as well as regulatory and legal ramifications will be covered.
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