15min SpeedTalks – September 30, 2009

Topic: SpeedTalks.

Ms. Mary-Lynn Manton and several students will be presenting a brief overview of the information security program at Seneca College, and some of the research that they have been conducting.
Mr. Eldon Sprickerhoff, will be presenting: The Rumours of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated – Redeeming NIDS in the Corporate Environment
Mr. Serge Gorbunov, speaking on the Canadian Honeynet Project
Mr. Colin McGregor, speaking on Damn Vulnerable Linux
Mr. Byron Sonne and Jeremy Richards will talk on “Hacking Public Opinion”
Mr. Chris Kulbakas will be speaking on formal methods and PAM for Linux
Mr. Feroz Hyder will speak about academic security in a college environment

If you have an idea for a talk, please email us at info_at_task_dot_to
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