SQL Server Security & WhiteListing – March 25, 2009

Topic: SQL Server Security
Speaker: Kevvie Fowler
A regular speaker at such events as BlackHat and SecTor, Kevvie is a well recognized expert on all topics relating to SQL Security. Kevvie is also the author of “SQL Server Forensics”, and contributor to “The Best Damn Exchange, SQL and IIS Book Period” and “How to Cheat at Securing SQL Server 2005”. Kevvie will be presented his latest research on SQL security. In the past, his research has included SQL rootkits, SQL data encryption attacks and many other interesting topics.

Topic: Whitelisting
Speaker: Dave Millier, SentryMetrics
Understanding white listing and its role in helping security professionals do more with less. Dave will cover three main types of white listing: Website (URL), Endpoint (USB, Firewire, wireless, CD/DVD, etc.), and application white listing. He’ll explain what they are, how they work, talk about some commercial examples of each and how they’re deployed today in numerous corporate environments. Most importantly, the main goal of the session will be on how to most effectively use these technologies to allow the people responsible for security to get control of the network back, gain better visibility into what’s actually happening with your users, and allow effective, granular security management without breaking the budget OR requiring additional security resources.
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