Privileged ID Management – January 28, 2009

Topic: Privileged ID management – are you really in control?
Speakers: Vivek Khindria and Mike Bronson, CIBC
Many organizations have embarked on strategies, technologies and processes to support the effective lifecycle management of user IDs, but what about the accounts that are used to manage the supporting infrastructure? These IDs frequently have the authority to create new accounts, modify configuration parameters, edit logs, install potentially malicious software, and view sensitive data. Organizations will be increasingly put under the microscope to demonstrate the effectiveness of their privileged ID management processes. Vivek and Mike will share their view of this emerging topic and the journey that CIBC has taken down this road.

Topic: CCC Wrap-Up
Speakers: Leigh Honeywell, Seth Hardy, Paul Wouters
The “Chaos Communications Congress” is an annual hacker conference. Many new and exciting things happen. New attacks, new strategies. Come learn the best of what happeneded at the conference.
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