Computer Crime & Security Automation – October 29, 2008

Topic: Computer Fraud – Computer Crime
Speaker: Jerrard B. Gaertner, Director of Technology Assurance Services at Soberman LLP
The Criminal Code of Canada deals with some computer offences directly (theft of telecommunications) and with others indirectly (fraud, theft, electronic distribution of child pornography). However, many people believe the Code is out of date or ineffective when it comes to computer-related offences.

  • Just what is computer crime? How is it different from other offences?
  • Are the rules of evidence different? Is the standard of proof different?
  • What are some of the ways in which computer crime is perpetrated?
  • How can computer crime be prevented (or can it)?
  • How are investigations different when a computer is involved?

In this presentation, we will try to separate the hype from the facts and explain some of the things that IT professionals should know about computers and crime in Canada.

Topic: Automating security: log and vulnerability management
Speaker: Pedrag Zivic
Mr. Zivic will address vulnerability, threat and risk management automation experiences, provide review of tools and speculate on future direction of risk and security management. The talk will go into brief description of initial intention, reality, pains, lessons learned and solutions found. Mr. Zivic will talk about his geek vision for the future of security and risk management.
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