15min SpeedTalks – July 30, 2008

Topic: SpeedTalks!
Presentations linked where available.
Technical-focused content:

New insecurities in Ipv6 (Tyler Reguly)
Adventures in Remote Access (Chuck)
Digital Watermarking (Paul Shields)
The Canadian Honeynet Projet (Sami Kamel)
Office Operations Model (Karsten Johansson)
Kaminsky’s Revelation (Paul Wouters)
Review of “Last Hope” (Leigh Honeywell)

Management-focused content:

Fixing the DNS Bug in Large Enterprise (Gord Taylor)
ISO standards – are they relevant for security (Fazila Nurani)
TRA – a quantitative approach to risk (John Wang)
Facilitated Risk Assessment – the fun and easy approach (Robert Beggs)

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