Protecting Your Private Parts and Top Attack Trends – February 27, 2008

Topic: Protecting Your Private Parts
Speaker: Tracy Ann Kosa
Overworked. Underpaid. And now you’re responsible for privacy too. Get under the covers and find out why this job is a lot easier then it sounds. The secret to privacy design: once you’ve done it, you’re done it. This session will provide you with compliance based design requirements, and the teach you how to get there yourself. The legislation hasn’t changed in years, and though the technology evolves, the architecture requirements for compliant privacy design haven’t no matter who your clients are. Do privacy and security make good bedfellows? You bet. And it’s better then doing it alone.

Tracy Ann Kosa has 10 years of privacy experience across Canada. Faculty at international programs on privacy, her latest project was to co-author an ontology in support of creating privacy compliant specifications for software engineers.
Presentation: Click here for PPT

Topic: Top 5 Vulnerability and Attack Trends
Speaker: Tom Stracener
Cenzic’s CIA Labs lead by Tom Stracener has selected the Top 5 new vulnerability and attack trends. As applications are constantly changing and adapting to the Web 2.0 market, hackers are adopting new methods and strategies of attacks as well. Tom will discuss the 5 latest new attack trends, web application vulnerability statistics that define the new threat landscape, and also show 3 examples of real-world attacks that illustrate the new power of hacking in the Web 2.0 world.
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