Myths, Mistakes & Outright Lifes / PCI 101 – November 28, 2007

Topic: Myths, Mistakes and Outright Lies
Speaker: Kellman Meghu
A lighthearted look at common pitfalls to building out a network security architecture, this presentation does not intend to be all encompassing, but to encourage people to reconsider and re-evaluate the responsibilities of network security. Open discussion on techniques, tricks and tips is encouraged. Using a subjective threat guide, various policy based deployments are examined at a high level to measure risk versus cost. Sometimes we spend so much to accomplish so little; other times we get so much with very little cost. Assessing how we manage and deploy our security does not have to be a complex task, but it does need to be done at a regular pace. I invite you to compare your own situation, with some real life scenarios depicted in this presentation.
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Topic: PCI (Payment Card Industry) 101
Speaker: Shane Coleman
Compliance for processing credit card information is constantly evolving. Here is a deep look at the compensating controls, the general roles and responsibilities, as well as the validation process for PCI compliance. This discussion will revolve around the challenges of ensuring PCI compliance, relative to the devices affected in a typical network, with some helpful tips and successful deployment examples to demonstrate how a valid PCI compliant architecture is not just achievable, but maintainable too.
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