Proactive Security and The Insider Threat – September 26, 2007

Topic: Proactive Security, Lessons from Star Trek
Speaker: Brian O’Higgins, CTO, Third Brigade
Proactive security, self-defending networks, self-healing computers…they sound more than a little like science fiction. However, we are getting closer to that dream. This talk will discuss the role that host intrusion prevention technology (HIPS) is playing in proactive security today, and where it poised go in the future.
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Topic: Securing Against the Insider Threat
Speaker: Robert Beggs
The hardest part of a network to secure is inside of the firewall – employees and those with legitimate access can pose both a security and a privacy threat to any organization. This talk will focus on the Canadian experience, providing details on the types of threats, and the management and technical solutions that can significantly reduce risks and the associated costs.

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