Understanding Heuristics for Virus Detection / An Objective Look at Vista Security – July 25, 2007

Topic: The Catahoula Leopard Dog – A Study in Heuristics for Virus Detection
Technical Level: Non-Technical
Speaker: Randy Abrams, Director of Technical Education at ESET

This presentation explains what heuristics are in manner that is easily understood by non-technical users while providing information that is often new to experienced professionals as well. Users who already understand the topic well will probably find useful ways to help explain the subject when the occasion arises. Focus is given to how heuristics relate to AV software, the strengths and limitations, as well as different types of heuristic approaches. Examples of false positives are used to help provide insight into some of the thinking that is involved with the development of heuristic approaches.

Topic: An Objective Look at the Security in Windows Vista
Technical Level: Highly Technical
Speaker: Brian Bourne, CMS Consulting / TASK / SecTor 2007

Certainly security features are marketed as one of the primary value propositions behind Windows Vista. This session will strip away all the marketing and take a depth look at the security features in Vista that matter. The session focus will then take a look at what activity exists in the underground community to bypass Vista security mechanisms. What attacks are circulating? Which attacks are theoretically possible? What do you need to know to deploy Vista as securely as possible?
Source: task

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