Card Crimes – June 27, 2007

Topic: Payment Card (Skimming) Compromises and Trends.
Technical Level: Non-Technical to Intermediate
Speaker: Kelly Anderson, Detective Sergeant, OPP, e-Crime Section

The advent of the payment card reduced complaints of NSF Cheque frauds. However the payment card system is under attack from criminals who find that the technology yields a greater payoff than cheque fraud ever did. This presentation will show the evolution of skimming compromises showing an evolution in the technical capabilities of the criminal element.

Speaker: Fred Hopper, Director of Corporate Security, Metaca Corporation
Topic: Payment Card Security.
Technical Level: Non-Technical to Intermediate

Despite all of the recent media attention being given to the problems with payment card skimming and the upcoming implementation of chip cards in Canada, our card payment systems are still largely dependant on the magnetic stripe and will continue to be for many years to come. This presentation will start by explaining at a technical level how magnetic stripes work and will include a demonstration of a home made magstripe reader that virtually anyone can make themselves. Smart Cards will also be discussed, including an explanation of how they work and what kinds of fraud they can be expected to solve (and not solve) once they are implemented.

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