Penetration Testing Tools – April 25, 2007

Topic: Recon 2 Root
Speaker: Jeremy Richards
Jeremy will demonstrate the usage of BackTrack 2.0 (a live linux penetration testing distribution) to perform a staged penetration test from initial recon and knowledge gathering, to identification of logical and software vulnerabilities and, finally, the tools used to exploit these vulnerabilities.

Jeremy has been performing network and application based security audits for financial institutions, critical infrastructure, as well as government and private sector organizations for over five years. He participates in global community efforts to track and stop hackers, botnets, and malware authors around the globe.

Topic: Exploits in my Pocket
Speaker: Robert Beggs
What’s handier than BackTrack on a CD? How about a version that is configured and run from a USB key? Robert will be demonstrating how to modify BackTrack for USB use. What’s more, the finished USB key will hold the Linux BackTrack environment and a WindowPE environment, complete with network management and security utilities – giving users the best of both worlds!

Robert, one of the founders of TASK, is also the CEO of DigitalDefence (, a Canadian company that specializes in incident management – security testing, incident response, and data forensics.

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