Vista Security: A Deep Dive Discussion – January 31, 2007

Technical Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Speaker: Bruce Cowper, Rodney Buike
With launch of Windows Vista, there is much speculation about the new approach to securing Windows and the numerous security features in the operating system. This session will be hosted by Microsoft and provides an opportunity to see and discuss ‘the most Secure version of Microsoft Windows to date’. You will be taken through an in-depth look at feature functionality as well as given an opportunity to ask your security questions in an informal discussion.

Speaker: Brian Bourne
After taking a look at the new features that exist out of the box with Vista, we’ll take a look at what the “word in the underground” is with respect to the new operating system. We’ll look at what the underground community is working on to bypass the Vista security, and we’ll discuss some additional considerations for secure deployment.

Presentation: Microsoft Presentation:Vista Security and Compliance
Presentation: CMS Consulting Presentation:How Secure Is Vista Really?
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